5 Coding Bootcamps in Amsterdam

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School of IT

School of IT offers both online and in-person bootcamps. You will be assigned a personal mentor with whom you will work 1:1 throughout the duration of the program. There is a choice to complete the bootcamps in 12-weeks full time or 24 weeks part-time. No prior coding or educational experience is required, anyone with a passion for IT is welcome to apply.

Ubiqum Code Academy

Ubiqum Code Academy is an immersive, 4 to 5-month Data Analytics & Java Coding Bootcamp. Their programs immerse students in real-world simulated projects with the help of professional mentors. It is one of the few schools that offers a guarantee of employability, worth 50% of your course value.

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ITUp offers an 8–12 week, immersive, Turn Up Boot Camp focused on web development both online and in-person. No previous coding experience is required and there is a self-learning module covering basic programming concepts and relational databases. ITUp Academy offers campus-specific financial aid, including free tuition and meal allowances. This bootcamp has a high job placement rate.

The App Academy NL

The App Academy is the first Dutch coding school and offers a two-month Developer Accelerator Program in iOS or Android. The in-person iOS bootcamp has been tailored to freelancers, students, and entrepreneurs who want to learn all aspects of app development. A strong level of computer literacy and a Mac with the latest version of XCode is required.

Skills Union

SkillsUnion specializes in online, part-time, active learning courses that accelerate career development. Students complete real client projects and a real portfolio to prepare them for successful, impactful careers. Their courses are unique in that students earn a postgraduate certificate (‘PGCert’) worth 60 academic credits at level 7 in the UK’s QAA Framework for Higher Education Qualifications from the awarding university.

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