Which programming language to learn?

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Some of them are not used at all. For example LOLCODE. It is an esoteric programming language using English slang. There are interpreters and compilers for this language, but nobody uses it to create business projects.

There are programming languages that are slowly dying. I got my first programming job with Perl. This language was already considered dead by then. Everyone told me it’s a bad PL to start a career. And here I am, I use Perl at work 12 years later. This language and community around it brought me where I am and made me a good programmer.

It happens because there are huge platforms written in Perl. Rewriting the whole codebase with a new fashionable tech stack is expensive and time-consuming. That’s the reason Perl positions still exist.

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You can choose a widely-used programming language. JavaScript is the most popular one according to JetBrains. In addition to it, the top 5 languages to learn to include Python, TypeScript, Java, and Go.

There are languages that are specific to a certain area. Haskell is common in the financial sector, for example. It is used for risk analysis and decision support systems.

Haskell is also used to broaden consciousness. This is a functional programming language, and you need to put a certain mental effort to understand its principles and approaches.

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There are hundreds of programming languages. I suggest choosing not a language, choose a field. Do you want to make websites, apps, or games? There are many destinations for all tastes.

When the area of work is chosen, go to LinkedIn and check the requirements for positions in the field. What is the most common programming language there? Learn this one.

And be sure to learn the basics. It will help you change the language when the time comes.

Good luck!



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